Wood Construction

The building material wood is very popular, as it convinces through its sustainability and its high performance ability. Wood can be used in different kinds. Further advantages of wooden constructions are more space, beautiful house-fronts with good insulation of noise and heat-loss, improved energy-efficiency and new room-quality.

Pieren + Co. AG offers the following carpenter-services: 

Structural Engineering:
  • constructions
  • engineer-wood constructions
  • wooden-frame constructions
  • roofings
  • cladding of walls and ceilings
  • insulations
  •  parquet, cork or laminate floorings
  • stairs
  • conversions and renovations
  • demolations works

Your experts:

Gilgian SchranzSCHRANZ GILGIANCarpentry,
Master Craftsman in Wood Construction

Phone +41(0)33 673 73 74
Mobile +41(0)79 224 76 08
Konrad DänzerDÄNZER KONRADZimmerei,

Mobile +41(0)79 676 18 63


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