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Casa Rosina 2-6 people blank

Ausserschwandstrasse 38, Adelboden, Bern, 3715, Switzerland

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Very comfortable three star holiday apartment on calm location "Ausserschwand" in Adelboden. "Casa Rosina" includes four apartments, the attic apartment is for rent. Two bedrooms, in each are two beds, give space for up to 6 people. The living room is composed by a couch, a eating table, TV/DVD and a radio. From the living room you can reach the two balconies from which you can enjoy a beautiful view over the alps of Adelboden. The kitchen has also a table, a big cooking area, baking oven, fridge and more. The bathroom is equipped with a big and luxurious wellness-bathtub. A ski-room, washer and a reserved parking slot are also included in this offer. The garden can also be used. A stop for the bus, which brings you to all ski-stations and in the village center, is only 50 meters away from the apartment. Also just beside the bus-stop you find the famous Restaurant "Schönbühl".

Policies & disclaimers

1.       Conclusion of the contract

A mandatory contract is being concluded when we confirm your booking with a written confirmation per post or per E-Mail.

2.       Number of guests

The maximum number of guests is given on the booking-confirmation. Potential further registrations must be demanded from the lessor at least 24 h before the arrival. To re- or sublet the apartment is forbidden.

3.       Arrival and Departure

The holiday apartment is available from 3 pm on the arrival day. The key delivery occurs after having settled an appointment. On the departure day, the apartment must be released before 10 am.

4.       Price

The rental charge is composed by the basic price including additional charges cleaning and laundry.

5.       Payment

The rental charge plus additional charges must be paid at least 4 weeks befor the arrival day on the indicated bank account. Visitor’s tax must be paid on the day of arrival.

6.       Annulation procedures

In case of a withdrawal from the contract, you are liable for the further-letting costs.

Further-letting costs : not less than Fr. 300.-. Concerning the time, when the apartment is not rented, you have to compensate the loss of rent as follows : In case of withdrawal within 10 to 5 weeks before the arrival date 40%, in case of withdrawal in the last 4 weeks before arrival 80% of the rental charge. In case of an delayed arrival or early break-off of the rental, only the otherwise rentable time will be paid back.

7.       Visitor’s tax

The visitor’s tax must be paid directly in the tourism-office. After the payment, guests receive a vacation card, with which they receive deductions on different local offers.

8.       Cleaning and Laundry

The tenant has the obligation to release the apartment broom-clean. The charge for the end-cleaning must be paid in advance at the same time as the rental charge. Bed- kitchen- and bathroom-laundry is delivered by the renter and is charged per person and must also be paid in advance. It is possible to bring its own laundry.

9.       Complaints

If the tenant finds out lacks or defects or the apartment does not correspond to the description, he is obliged to report this within 24 hours after the arrival. After expiration of this deadline, claims can not be argued any more. Lacks and defects usually will be removed immediately.

10.   Pets

Pets are only allowed with previous agreement with the renter.

11.   Smoke

Smoking in the vacation apartments is not allowed.

12.   Infringement

In case of infringement, the renter can terminate the rental contact immediately without payback of the effecutated payments of the tenant.

13.   General Remarks

The house rules are part of the contract.

14.   Damages

In case of damages on the rental-object, which are caused by the tenant during the stay, the tenant is completely liable for it.

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Tariff name Resource/property type Min people Max people Valid from Valid til   Minimum days Maximum days
2018_04_Nebensaison 2 Schlafräume 2 6 Sunday, 15 April 2018 Saturday, 15 December 2018 CHF80.00  Per night 2 21
2018_05_Weihnachten_Neujahr 2 Schlafräume 2 6 Sunday, 16 December 2018 Saturday, 05 January 2019 CHF200.00  Per night 7 21
2019_01_Winter_Januar 2 Schlafräume 2 6 Sunday, 06 January 2019 Saturday, 02 February 2019 CHF120.00  Per night 2 21
2019_02_Winter_Hauptsaision 2 Schlafräume 2 6 Sunday, 03 February 2019 Saturday, 02 March 2019 CHF200.00  Per night 7 21
2019_03_Frühling 2 Schlafräume 2 6 Sunday, 03 March 2019 Saturday, 13 April 2019 CHF120.00  Per night 2 21
2019_04_Nebensaison 2 Schlafräume 2 6 Sunday, 14 April 2019 Saturday, 14 December 2019 CHF80.00  Per night 2 21

Bett- Küchen- und Frottierwäsche

CHF25.00 ( Per person per booking )


CHF120.00 ( Per booking )